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Intelligent Automation (I.A)

Q: Would you like to learn how to turn your idea into a digital product and distribute it online using an automated marketing system bringing you sales 24/7

Nine out of ten entrepreneurs asked this question answered yes, but were then filled with doubt at the thought of having to go through the learning curve in understanding the complexities of doing business online; some found the technology and the acronym’s used by online marketing professionals to be a stumbling block in getting started.


Into Income..

 common concerns

  • What is an SLO
  • ​What is a squeeze page
  • What is a lead magnet
  • What is a funnel
  • What is a swipe copy
  • What is the best technology to use 
  • How would I set up automation
  • How do I drive traffic to my offer
  • How do I set up a blog

  • How do I set up an auto-responder
  • ​What is segmentation
  • How do I set up a membership site
  • How do I set a payment gateway
  • How do I create and maintain a blog
  • What are blog plugins
  • How do I write a sales letter
  • When is the right time to upscale

And the list goes on…
In all, we documented over 168 questions/concerns faced by the entrepreneur when considering how to create and sell their product online. We broadly categorized 3 groups with varying degrees of skill and concerns.

  • Lack of any online, technical knowledge and marketing experience
  • Some online experience but find the technical stuff challenging
  • Been online for a while, have some knowledge of online marketing techniques and systems, but looking to automate and take their business to the next level


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Online Business Coaching

Hello, I am Pat Headley the C.E.O of 6 Steps 2 Success Ltd, we specialize in helping you bring your ideas alive. We work with the solopreneur and small business owner and help you to improve your marketing strategies through Intelligent Automation of your sales, fulfilment and customer follow-up processes.

We are experts in coaching you in the creation and sale of digital products distributed via automation thereby establishing a scalable income stream for your business on autopilot.

We can help you turn your Ideas Into Income!

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Marketing & Publishing

Service Levels:

We provide a 360 degree service, where all your marketing needs can be fulfilled in one place. We recognize that all of our client needs are different and may require varying levels of service and creation of solutions tailored specifically to your needs and concerns, there is no “one hat fits all’ approach. We achieve this by first understanding your end goals, strengths and weaknesses in your current marketing processes.

We follow a proven track that allows us to get to the core of our clients’ challenges by first engaging with our clients in a business process discovery and mapping exercise. The level of service required will be determined in our consultation process and, given your expectations, should we find that you are a good fit and we are able to provide a solution, we will then recommend a level of service that’s tailored to fit your budget.

Done for You Service

Where we take care of all the technical setup and integration, membership site, updates, maintenance and management, utilising our marketing systems where each client has their own dedicated accounts manager. This is a more expensive option, but the client is free to focus on the product development, and it is recommended for the client with little to no online experience.

A hybrid system

Where the client has some systems in place but maybe due to financial constraints is not in a position to invest totally in their own systems. Following an evaluation of the client’s current marketing setup, we can determine which components can be integrated and what additional services we can provide to best achieve our client’s goals. This can be a cost-effective option as the client is developing their distribution channel or is formulating a strategy to upscale.

Caveat: It is not always possible to use or integrate existing setups, as doing so may not result in achieving the client’s marketing expectations. An example of this is where the hybrid system does not offer any means of capturing and performing detailed analysis of marketing data.

Full Management

Where the client has most, if not all, systems in place, and is currently marketing a product online but is now looking to outsource the ongoing management and analytics so as to focus on product development or just spend more time enjoying the rewards of their work.

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