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Marketing System Automation Service

We work with entrepreneurs and SMEs to streamline and automate their sales processes thereby reducing manual tasks.

This gives more time to focus on the more profitable areas of your business,
such as customer acquisition.


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Whether you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you will at some point in the growth of your business find the need to deploy more efficient processes and systems to take your business to the next level. The key components to allow this to be possible are automation and outsourcing the tasks in your business that are time-intensive and repetitive.


While outsourcing can be relatively straightforward once you have found the right individuals or company, there will still be a need to communicate with your prospective client, to mature and build the relationship, which hopefully will educate your lead about the value of your product or service and demonstrate how it can be the solution to their problem.


With a time span of anywhere from a few hours to several months between a client viewing your offer to actually making a purchase, and in a competitive marketplace, how do you get your prospect engaged and build a relationship?

This is where automation comes into its own. 

Not only does it free your time but it also gives you the assurance that you are engaging with your client in their timeframe and your systems are running 24/7 providing consistent results. This is a vital component of any business operating in the global marketplace and is certainly a must if you are marketing digital products.

A Solution To Fit Your Needs

Every business is different, and we provide a solution tailored specifically to your needs and concerns; there is no one hat fits all’ approach. We achieve this by first understanding your end goals, strengths and weaknesses in your current marketing processes.

A Proven Track

We follow a proven track that allows us to get to the core of our clients’ challenges by first engaging with our clients in a business process discovery and mapping exercise. The level of service required will be determined in our consultation process and, given your expectations, should we find that you are a good fit and we are able to provide a solution, we will then recommend a level of service that’s tailored to fit your budget.

What System Automation Brings to Your Business

Today, office automation is much more than a copy machine or a computer. Digital and electronic information is the hub of the 21st century business automation. In order get rid of laborious business operations and “Un-automated Workflow Syndrome”, system automation is the key. If your business is not implementing an automation system yet, you are most likely gaining less competitive advantage, plus you are obviously missing out on other lots of benefits internally. From simple business/marketing automation to more advanced forms such as a worldwide digital network via the Internet as well as the off-site cloud storage, there are different ways to automate your business and enjoy certain benefits as a result.

Benefits of Automation:
Save Resources and Time

Saving Money And Time
is one of the most obvious and highly desirable benefits that an automation system brings to your business. For instance, you could shoot a document to a client in a few minutes regardless of their location through an automation system. By so doing, you are saving time that would have been wasted by manually delivering the mail and at the same time save huge cost of physically traveling to the client’s location to deliver the document. Besides, you are not restricted by factors such as geographical limitations. The truth is, saving on the time is usually accompanied with saving money.

Compatible With All Business Models
Regardless of the business model upon which your business operate, you will find an automated system that will be most suitable for the uniqueness of your business model. Most of the system automation tools have been fashioned to suit all IT support models. These tools will facilitate the delivery of superb IT support services, it doesn't matter which business model in place in your organisation.

Enabling Your Company To Focus On Customers/Clients
Another great benefit of integrating marketing/business automation system is that it enables you and your staff to concentrate on serving your clients/customers satisfactorily. Unlike manual processes that require lots of time and take your attention away from the needs of your clients, automation system tools help handle tasks and operations in a super-fast manner once they are installed or set up. And, the rest of your time is spent looking out for gestures that will satisfy clients the most and help retain their loyalty.

Increased Accuracy
Implementing automated processes in business operation helps to facilitate accuracy. The automation tools and software are known to be infinitely more reliable compared to humans. There are different automated tools for computation, budgets, financial analysis and so on. And you can always be sure that the final output from these automated tools is completely reliable. The beauty of it is that you can create a template with such tools for your computation and use them over and again to avoid errors.

Cost Reduction
System automation helps to cut costs since they automate manual tasks. Such manual tasks include carrying out checks manually on event logs, and submission of alerts. As mentioned earlier, once time is saved, cost saving also comes along. Indeed, system automation brings tons of benefits to your business as you automate repetitive tasks and other business processes.

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